22 years have passed yet the dream to create a just society for all Filipinos lives on in the hearts of young
progressives. Movement for the Advancement of Student Power kept its ground when all other youth organizations mocked the capacity and even challenged the existence of Student Power. MASP was formed and is sustained because of this principle. No matter how difficult the times may be, MASP will persist to exist for as long as there are still those who believe in its relevance. That is, for as long as students exist, MASP will continue to be relevant.

22 years have passed, and the problems that we, as political activists, had to face seemed insurmountable. But not even the threat of losing a battle can get us
down. There is dignity in retreating temporarily to replenish our strength and to prepare for the next difficult encounter. Yes, we know that the fight will continue to be difficult. There will be times when we, ourselves, will doubt our ability to go on. But our organization is our inspiration. The dream will live on for the battle is not yet lost.

Ang aking taos sa pusong pagbati sa lahat ng kasama sa Movement for the Advancement of Student Power!

This is a quite late greeting but nonetheless it’s still worth saying.
Belated Happy Anniversary to MASP! =)

–kinopya mula sa pagbati ni bianca sa friendster group ng masp. hindi nya pa alam. =)–


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