ON MAGNA CARTA FOR THE STUDENTS (Students Rights’ and Welfare Bill)

Manifesto of UNITY

for the

Magna Carta of Students


WE, the unified Students´ Rights and Welfare Coalition, comprised of different student councils and organizations in the Philippines, remaining sure and steadfast in its pursuit for a law that will guarantee the political and civil liberties of the Filipino students, which goes beyond the discourse of faith, philosophy, race, political affiliation or sexual orientation with the premise rooted from the concept that education should not contain any form of prejudice towards any form of expression join hands altogether to advocate and to call for support on the Congress´ immediate endorsement and ratification of the Student’s Rights and Welfare Bill under the title Magna Carta of Students.


With the lack of a national policy to uphold and defend the rights and interests of the students, numerous oppressive and repressive school policies have been paved way that has continuously marginalized our students in the whole process of social equality. From deregulated fee increases to media censorship to lack of an independent Student Government and as far as to campus militarization, no course of action currently exists that can satisfactorily guard our students from possible exploitations.

WE believe that the students’ lack of representation in policy-making bodies in private universities and in most state colleges and universities defeat the whole essence of democracy. Students are the biggest stakeholders in the whole education system and should therefore be given decent chances to state their views and opinions on matters that will directly affect them.


Given the verity that this is the longest running advocacy of the student movement ever since time in commemoration, we firmly accept as true that now is the moment to pass a black and white document, an act that shall be a concrete step to attend to the perennial problems in the education sector and shall widen democratic spaces in academic institutions, for it to develop into more than a mere tuition place and a reproduction hub of labor force.


In line with this, WE strongly assert the full manifestation of the Magna Carta of Students, in consistence with the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines, content-wise, in ensuring the indispensable, fundamental rights of students as Filipino citizens which includes the right

1) To admission, non-discrimination and quality education;

2) To organize and establish their own student councils and/or organizations;

3) to participate in policy-making processes;

4) to free expression and information;

5) to exercise their academic freedom;

6) to due process in disciplinary proceedings;


7) To privacy; and other rights such as their right against unreasonable searches and seizures and;

8) Their right to be secured within school premises.


WE zealously declare that Education must be not discriminatory of sex, gender or physical appearances nor of faith and spiritual beliefs, and neither a respecter of social status and position as well as ideologies. Further, it is ought to encourage open and critical judgment which should help in molding and crafting new ideas and means that could later contribute to genuine national development.


this is our proposal, our bill!


endorse and ratify the Magna Carta of Students now!



Signed in the 21st of November, in the year of our lord two thousand and eight,

Student’s rights and welfare (STRAW) coalition

















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