Students say No Way to Gloria Forever! Kick ConAss!

NO to Gloria's ConAss



03 JUNE 2009

Media Person: Jinky Torres (09054753206)

Movement for the Advancement of Student Power (MASP) strongly condemns the incredibly quick response of the House of Representatives prior to the solons’ decision to put Charter Change at its peak as the House decided to commend Constitutional Assembly.

It was evening of June 2, 2009 when the House convened to push the agenda of using Constitutional Assembly as the mechanism to change the Charter.

“It’s that unbelievably fast!”, says MASP Spokesperson Ninian Sumadia. “The Magna Carta of Students has been pending in Congress decades and decades ago and until now the future of this bill is still vague. MASP together with the Coalition for Students’ Right and Welfare is doing a series of lobbying for this bill to be legislated. But it’s very much surprising and very much sudden that Constitutional Assembly transpired first before Magna Carta did,  in a very short period of time.”, she reiterated.

Magna Carta of Students is still subject for Committee deliberation after the two re-scheduling that came about due to the lack of quorum in the Committee on Higher and Technical Education.

More, the movement also censures how the Congress set-aside the Extension and Reform of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARPER). Senate has just conceded CARPER while on the other side, the Lower House’ decision regarding this is still indistinguishable.

“How could we lay our trust to this kind of policy-makers? They are repeatedly situating social service as their last precedence. We would not be surprised if in few years, the entire Filipino people are suffering from extreme hunger and all of our youth will be out-of-school already. This is the most painful whack that our legislators has done to us.”, adds Sumadia.

Before this huge upset caused by the HoR, a question to a congressman’s sincerity to serve came out first as A-TEACHER Party-list Representative Mariano Piamonte, Jr. was heard uttering the line “I won’t let Magna Carta of Students to be passed over my dead body!” Thus, another manifestation that the said Congressman is not serious in advancing their party-list’s legislative agenda which is to support bills that will provide incentives and benefits to teaching and non-teaching personnel, assisting poor but deserving students, and providing government assistance to private schools.

Meanwhile, Rep. Piamonte’s colleague, Rep. Ulpiano Sarmiento of A-TEACHER Party-list questioned the bill’s legality and marked the bill’s “constitutional and logical infirmity”.

“We are directly questioning the intentions of our Congress.”, Coalition for Students’ Right and Welfare Spokesperson Jamie Pring said. “Reps. Piamonte and Sarmiento are just part of the bigger battalion of lawmakers who advance their personal agenda rather than giving their service to the people.” she added.

“Our Congressmen’s integrity was terribly tainted and as for us, we can hardly foresee a better future if we will continue to rely on them.”, Sumadia expressed.

The swift rise of this ConAss is still suspended as an immense question in the minds of the Filipino people. What will happen in the next days now that our untrustworthy Congress commended this ConAss? Will it still be the government of the people or will it be Gloria’s government forever? What the House of Representatives did is one of the worse crimes for the young people. ####



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