Future Teachers Unite Against Con-Ass, Set Dry Run towards SONA


21 July 2009

Philippine Normal University, Ayala Avenue, Manila

Future Teachers Unite Against Con-Ass, Set Dry Run towards SONA

Students from Philippine Normal University gather today in front of their school to express their sentiments against the passage of House Resolution 1109, widely known as Convening the Constituent Assembly to amend the Constitution.

PNU students, lead by organizations Movement for the Advancement of Student Power (MASP) and Akbayan Youth conduct a noise barrage to show how they totally abhor Charter Change as for them, this is an attempt of extending GMA’s term.

“We are here, strong and united to show that Filipino students are ready to stand and ready to manifest their power. This is part of the dry run for the SONA nationwide protest” Chairperson of MASP-PNU, Helen Joy Paulino said.

Despite the objections of different sectors, the House of Representatives passed the House Resolution 1109 calling upon the members of Congress to convene for the purpose of considering proposals to amend or revise the constitution, upon a vote of three-fourths of all members of the congress.

On July 27, 2009, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will give her State of the Nation Address and it is expected that Constituent Assembly will be one of her major plans to be pursued once the Congress resumes.

“This is just a start of our protest. PNU students together with other colleges and universities will not be tired of doing noise barrages until our congress finally hears and listens to our voice. We will not stop doing chains of candle lightings to enlighten the people’s mind that we are and we will certainly not agree to the attempts of stealing our future”, MASP spokesperson Ninian Sumadia added.

Many students from different universities to be joined by PNU students will march on July 27 for their indignation.###

MEDIA CONTACT: JINKY TORRES (09081355412 / 09054753206 / torres.jinky@gmail.com / masp.pnu@gmail.com)


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