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Why Risa is the Best Youth Senator?

Posted in Uncategorized on April 27, 2010 by MASP

Well frankly, aside from her charm, beauty and intelligence, what else can we get from this enthusiastic yet progressive woman in the name of Risa Hontiveros?

Risa’s progressive stance started when she was in high school. Very youthful and yet, she was able to establish herself as a young lady of perseverance. Like us, when she was still young, she used to join several campaigns concerning national issues.

She didn’t let her activism become a hindrance to her academics. She graduated Cum Laude at the Ateneo de Manila University—a mark of a true scholarly youth progressive activist.

6 years in the Philippine House of Representatives are not enough for others to run for a higher position in government. But Risa’s short term in Congress is not a thing. She already manifested a lot of qualifications why she should be a senator. Her legislative record already says it.

She was an awardee of Nobel Peace Price for her undying commitment in facilitating peace talks with the National Democratic Front (NDF) despite the endless attack of this group against her and her party Akbayan. She was also the Secretary-General of the Coalition for Peace and was also awarded Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for Peace Advocacy in 2001.

While in Congress, she already filed more than 80 resolutions and bills. An advocate of student’s rights and welfare, she, together with Akbayan Party-list, pushes the passage of the Magna Carta of Students Bill which was always held up and delayed by income-minded-private school owner-legislators and adamant ‘pro-student’ representatives.

Believing in the capability of the youth as the first reformer of the government, she spearheaded the campaign for the passage of the Sangguniang Kabataan Reform Bill. She did not even deem propositions to abolish the SK as Risa doesn’t believe that doing this is not the answer and should not be considered, as well. She said that we should not take away the only venue where the youth can widen their political participation. If there are flaws in the SK, should we confront and reform such but abolition is not the solution.

Main promoter of land reform, she championed the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program with Extension and Reforms Law (CARPER). This bill led to more benefits for women Filipino farmers and for the whole peasant sector in general.

She fought for the amendments in Tax Code to give justifiable tax exemptions for minimum wage earners.

She also championed the Cheaper Medicines Law in the House of Representatives. She worked with civil society organizations to legislate the bill so more citizens can avail affordable medicines.

The controversial Reproductive Health Bill also sponsored by Risa Hontiveros is now in a peak flight. The Bill seeks for proper information and necessary healthcare for women. With this bill, Risa, with Akbayan   Party-list, ensures the decrease or better, total elimination of unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

Risa Hontiveros is also always present in demonstrations in streets to show the strength of the mass to voice their sentiments out. She was even illegally arrested during a women’s rally and at the height of ‘Hello Garci’ scandal.

She was widowed in the middle of her fight and was left single mother with her four children.

Despite all the hardships in life, Risa Hontiveros transpires positive energy and great enthusiasm in every step that she makes—a mere inspiration why the youth should take her as an example.

She always considers the marginalized. This is very evident in the laws that she made and actions that she did.

Now, the judgment is for you to make. Is Risa the best youth senator?